What we do:

The ultimate aim of Trips.ae is to be a platform that people can come to if they need to experience a little more in life. We take people through adventures that leave them smiling and making memories that will last forever. We provide the real adventurers with real adventures. What we organize in Trips.AE are not just ordinary trips and are nothing short of excitement – they include rarely visited areas off the beaten path, where we perform activities like caving, mountain climbing, kayaking, white water rafting, hiking and much more. All activities are led by experts so our groups can have the peace of mind that they’re going on adventures that are led by experience. We also apply scientific approach when it comes to adventures – so you won’t only get high doses of adrenalin, but also develop new skills and discover nature facts you never knew before.

Joining a trip with us means:

  • Having the trip of a lifetime – guaranteed!
  • Lots of activities where fun meets learning new skills
  • Understanding nature and the world we live in better than ever

How we got here:

Noor & Yasir spent many years volunteering in different parts of the world helping to preserve the environment, improving the quality of life of people living in distant areas and assisting with scientific researches. We have lived in extremely harsh conditions in countries like Madagascar, Ghana, Tanzania, the Arctic and many other places and have worked with different organizations across the world.

We are adrenalin junkies ourselves: Yasir was the first male UAE national to summit Kilimanjaro at a young age (5885m/19308ft) and Noor was the first Qatari lady to take the longest route to Kilimanjaro. We also love marine and diving; we both have over 1000 dives.

We feel it is a responsibility to share our experiences with you and design the best trips suits the challenges you are looking for. We are passionate about taking our clients to adventures and trips that allow them to see the good in life and get away from their hectic lives and routine for a short while. Join Trips.ae to feed the adventurous soul in you!

How we can work together:


If you can’t wait to join us on one of our amazing adventures, all you have to do subscribe to our mailing list and select a trip of your liking and join the preselected dates convenient to you.

You should know all our guides speak Arabic and English and are experienced and knowledgeable. We run special “ladies only” trips also.

We are proud to say that Trips.AE is one of the first companies in the region to organize such activities and we are impatient to give you the experience of a lifetime!